Sevilla open the nest with West Ham 1-0 Europa first game.

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Sevilla earned their home win on target after beating West Ham 1-0 in the Europa League round of 16 first leg on Thursday.

In the Europa League round of 16, first leg, Sevilla sent Jesús Corona, Youssuf N Nesiri and Lucas Ocampos into an offensive trio, while West Ham got it. Declan Rice is fit to help the team again with Mikhail Antonio up front as hope. 

In the 11th minute, West Ham should have scored the most. From a free-kick on the right flank, Declan Rice headed back to Nicola Vlasic, leaving a heavy strike, but Yacin Bunu saved, Mikhail Antonio repeated but blocked again. Villa survived UFABET narrowly.

Sevilla also had a chance to shoot in the 27th minute, Marcos Agunna passed the ball into the penalty area for Youssuf N Nesiri to run with a single stroke with the left. But the ball fell out of the box, unfortunately.

The hosts have a chance to continue with Jesus Navas throwing the ball from the right side for Youssuf N Nesiri to hit the ball into the frame, but Alphonse Areola saved it. 

West responded with a tinge at the next minute as well. The defender, the defender, cleared the ball without missing Nikola Vlasic, caught it and hit it with the left from the front of the penalty area. Yasin Bunu had to round off the tip of his hand.

In the second half

Of the 57th minute, Sevilla had the opportunity to inform when Navas opened the ball into the penalty area for Youssuf N Nesiri to strike from 10 yards, but did not escape the hand of Alphonse Areola who received it. Great in the envelope

Less than three minutes later, Sevilla had a 1-0 lead, until from a free-kick on the right side that Marcos Acuña played a high opener to the left box for Munir El Ha. Dadi ran and shot in the open air. with the right to send the ball into the goal resolutely 

The hosts almost led more in the 71st minute, West Ham passed the ball, missed the cut, Jesus Corona flows for Lucas Ocampos to drag into the penalty area before locking a shot with the right. The ball flew away from Alphonse Areola’s hands, but narrowed the post a little further behind.

The hammer almost hit. Draw in the next minute when Manuel Lanzini opened the ball to the block. The ball bounced in the direction of Said, Benrahma fired straight, but Navas narrowly blocked it.

The rest of the time, West Ham were unable to equalize, culminating in a 1-0 win over Sevilla before the second leg was played in the Hammers’ den.