results, Premier League, Thursday, April 27, with highlights

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results, Premier League, Thursday, April 27, with highlights – points table: Man United Zhao, Newcastle collapsed.

Everton 1-4 Newcastle

(McNeil 80 / Wilson 28, 75 Jolin ep 72 Murphy 81)

At Goodison Park, it was Newcastle that did better and took the lead before three goals from Callum Wilson in the 28th minute, Jolin in the 72nd minute and Wilson struck another Premier League in the 75th minute. Before Dwight McNeill came to break the egg for the home team in the 80th minute, but not immediately the visiting team added four balls from Jacob Murphy in the 81st minute to finish the game. Salika Dong continued to attack. Avalanche Blue Toffee Success

Southampton 0-1 Bournemouth

(Tavernier 50)

The game at St Mary’s, the game picture is quite close, both sides try to set the game to attack each other. But it was the visiting team that created more chances and took the lead through Marcus Tavernier in the 50th minute. Che Adams sent the ball into the net but VAR recaptured the goal to complete 90 minutes. It is Bournemouth that has invaded to grab 3 important points back.

Tottenham Hotspur 2-2 Manchester United

(Porro 56, Son 79 / Sancho 7, Rashford 44)

Ending the game at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in the first half, the visiting team was clearly better and took the lead before two goals from Jadon Sancho Premier League in the 7th minute and Marcus Rashford. in the 44th minute after the second half, it was Spurs who solved the game and almost folded the invasion field back before coming to achieve equalizer from Pedro Porro in the 56th minute and Son Heung Min in the 79th minute before finally ending with sharing the points