Raul de Tomas criticizes Barcelona for not deserving of penalty.

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Espanyol striker Raul de Tomas looked at it as a joke. When refer Carlos Del Cerro Grande blew a penalty against Barcelona on Wednesday night last Saturday.

Espanyol’s Spain forward Raul de Tomas has criticized Carlos Del Cerro Grande’s decision to award a penalty to Barcelona before Meet. Mphis Depay will slay Azul Grana’s side to a 1-0 victory in charge of Xabi Hernandez’s debut on Saturday. From the revelation with Moby Star 

Barcelona were award a 48th-minute penalty following a clash between Leandro Cabrera and Depay. Before Del Cerro deflected the penalty for Azul Grana. Among the protests of the parrot team players. But VAR confirmed the penalty before De Pai was responsible for killing, not failing, helping Xabi start in charge of the team by collecting 3 points on target.

‘From the pitch, it looked funny. It is possible that he (Cabrera) touched him (Depay), but there was no intention.’ 

‘At the start of the season They told us they wouldn’t blow a penalty like that. I think it’s not a penalty.’ Raul de Tomas said.

“At the start of the season, they told us that they were not going to whistle that kind of penalty.

“I don’t think it was a penalty.”

The decision ensured Xavi Hernandez got off to a winning start as Barcelona head coach, while Espanyol fall to a second defeat in three games.

Most importantly, the decision is what decided a derby that means an awful lot to both sets of players and fans.