Mauricio Pochettino not confirming when Sergio Ramos come back.

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Paris Saint-Germain head coach Mauricio Pochettino has revealed. Sergio Ramos evolution remains to be seen although the 35-year-old defender is not yet available.

Paris Saint-Germain’s Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino has reveal. He is unaware that defender Sergio Ramos will play his first game as a player. Asche when according to a report from AS on Sunday. 

Ramos signed a two-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain football team on a free transfer last summer. But the 35-year-old defender has struggle with injuries since last season. And has not play more than 30 games and is four months away from the ring until now. 

The former Real Madrid captain return to training with his team-mates. And was expect to make his debut as a PSG player in Saturday’s 3-1 win over Nantes. But it doesn’t happen. 

Asked if Ramos will be fit enough to feature against Manchester City in the Champions League group stage on Wednesday. Pochettino replied: ‘I don’t know’.

‘It’s important to see his evolution. The ability to train is one thing and the ability to compete is another. It’s not the same.’

Former Real Madrid defender and club legend Sergio Ramos start a new chapter in his career. After signing for French club Paris Saint Germain (PSG) in the summer alongside Lionel Messi, Achraf Hakimi and Gianluigi Donnaruma. While his fellow signings have gone on to make their debut for the club. Sergio Ramos has been sidelined by the injury. However, PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino has recently provide an update on Sergio Ramos which could delight PSG fans.