Manchester City will turn down a loan offer for Raheem Sterling.

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Manchester City will turn down a loan offer for Raheem Sterling from Barcelona in the January transfer window. Because the remaining contract is only 18 months.

The Daily Mirror reports that. Manchester City football team will not allow Raheem Sterling from Barcelona to leave the club on loan. Whether during January or next summer. Because the contract of the player until 2023. Only will have a detrimental effect if the player is released on a lease.

News reports indicate that in addition to Manchester City will not release Sterling on loan. Will not consider selling the England winger in January as well. Unless you can find an agent to come in first. But had to wait until the summer market next year. The blue sails to act for Barcelona with Xabi Hernandez as a new trainer. Want to grab Sterling to strenge then the offensive line in the second half of the season.

Because he is well aware of the unstable status of players in Pep Guardiola’s squad. But the key problem is that Barça is not financially ready. Therefore, it can only pay rent for loan players in January only. Plus it’s almost impossible to pay £300,000 a week. That prompted the Catalan top team to try to sell many of their surplus players earlier this year.

Raheem Kolchak Willesden meter monkey ( Born December 8, 1994) is an English professional footballer. Currently plays in both a wing and an attacking midfielder for Manchester City and the England national team.

Sterling built his reputation with Liverpool , starting with Liverpool in 2012 against Wigan Athletic. By playing in the position of the left wing at the age of just 17 years

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