Kyle Walker hopes for a miracle to play for City at the end of the season.

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Manchester City right-back Kyle Walker is hopeful that his ankle injury will recover. When he returns to help the team play two matches on the final day of the English Premier League. Despite boss Josep Gua. Cardiola looks at the good defender after the semester break.

Kyle Walker was absent from the Champions League semi- final meeting with Real Madrid earlier this month. And then disappeared for a long time . The 51 -year -old coach suggested that he would not risk using it again this season.  

However, the news does not give up, asking for the best fitness to hit the horseshoe. West Ham away game (15 May) is also a final match. UFABET As the home team against Aston Villa (22 May ) is still good .

“ Okay, I wouldn’t say it was my perfect season. Because facing a terrible injury problem in two matches. But personally, I still think there is hope to return to the competition ” opening the mouth to ‘ BBC 5 Live Sport ‘ .

“ I’m still secretly hoping to finish the season. Until the final 90 minutes of the whistle at the Etihad Stadium against Aston Villa – then I would say the season is over. So it says the 2021-22 season, there’s still a little bit left. ”

“ There is still a week left before joining the England national team. But I’m only looking for chances for Sunday’s game first. And there is still hope next week – as I have studied until the end of the season officially say it’s over. ” 

City now apart from Walker, the rest of the defenders, Ruben Dias , John Stones, Fernandinho and Aymeric Laporte are all missing.