‘Greenwood’ goodbye to the ghost to recover the footballer’s career.

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Former England striker Wayne Rooney has advised Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood to decide to leave the club if he wants to stay at the club

. The prosecutor has withdrawn his assault on his girlfriend,

Rooney said: “It puts Mason Greenwood in a position where he is owed.

“So for Mason, it’s a bad position to be in because I’m sure he just wants to play football. But for the club, its image and ensuring they make the right decisions, it’s almost a catch 22. I think the best thing for Mason now is to get out of the club and go and develop somewhere else.

” This is a bad position because I’m sure he just wants to play football,

“It’s a difficult position for Mason but for the club as well. You have to make sure you get to the right decision before moving forward and it looks like they’re really struggling to get to that place.”

but the club has the image and has to make sure they make the right decisions. It’s almost like a situation where there’s a conflict to be solved. Or can’t find a good answer ′′ สมัคร ufabet

′ I think the best thing for Mason right now is to leave the club. and go develop it elsewhere.”

“He needs to be back on the pitch because it’s been a long time. From everything that had happened and the lengthy internal investigations Maybe it came when Mason just needed to move on. And trying to get my own career back ′

′ This is a difficult position for Mason. and for the club as well You need to make sure you make the right decisions to move forward. And they seem to have trouble doing that.”