Fuel up Raiola won’t stop Juventus fans from dreaming of Paul Pogba back home.

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Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba agent. Mino Raiola has not stopped Juventus fans from dreaming of a return. Insisting December is their dream month.

Mino Raiola the stinging agent came out to spin the news of the transfer of French midfielder Paul Pogba. Who is nearing the end of his contract with Manchester United next summer again. Revealing that Juventus fans cannot stop dreaming of seeing the players in his care return to Turin again.

Paul Pogba has yet to renew his contract with the Red Devils. Who have made several offers and besides Juve. He has also been linked with two other big European clubs. Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid . too. But it looks like Zebra is the favorite team because the players want to return to join the army again. After having moved from Old Trafford to play between 2012-2016 for one round. 

Fuel up Raiola won’t stop Juventus fans from dreaming of Paul Pogba back home.

Latest Rio Hunt revealed to the point that fans Obiang KONE’s dream to see Pogba back playing in Italy again “dream is freedom. I can’t stop anyone from dreaming. December will be the month of dreams. But it would be better not to mention Paul if some former Manchester United players didn’t mention me and Paul. They won’t be able to work anymore. It’s too early to talk about Paul ‘s contract , let’s see what happens. I cannot stop anyone from dreaming of him.”

The former  Red Devils  player who was referred to by the player’s representatives has focused on Gary Neville. Who has turned himself into a critic and has often criticized Raiola to the point of suggesting. Do not let the old agency buy players who belong to this agent. Because they tend to create problems and give negative news to the team always. 

For Pogba Junior is a free transfer after the player is out of contract next year. As a result, negotiations with other clubs could be start immediately in advance in January. While United began to look for alternatives. It has reportedly been targeting Borussia Dortmund’s young England midfielder Jude Bellingham .