What types of medicines need to be “taken whole”?

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Some medicines must be taken completely even after symptoms have healed. Most of the time, medicines that need to be taken completely even if you feel you have recovered from your illness are antibiotics. And medicines for treating chronic illnesses.

Mr. Chawanwit Lerttrakansakul Clinical pharmacy work Pharmacy Department Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University states. That the medicines that need to be taken completely are as follows: ทางเข้า ufabet


For those who are sick who have received disinfectant, come back and take it at home. You should not stop taking antibiotics yourself. Even though the illness has gotten better. Because it may cause the remaining germs to spread. Developed into a drug-resistant infection This results in the need to use stronger medications. and may have side effects that are dangerous to the body later

Medicines for treating chronic diseases

Medicines for treating chronic diseases It is a medicine that is responsible for controlling symptoms. or prevent the progression of the disease from worsening, such as blood pressure lowering drugs, lipid lowering drugs, and anticonvulsant drugs if you stop taking the drugs yourself without being prescribed by a doctor May cause symptoms of the disease to worsen. Until it can lead to death.

How do I know which medicine to take?

Usually, doctors and pharmacists will recommend indications for use. and how to use the medicine in detail, so you should follow the instructions strictly. To achieve efficiency in treatment And there is safety from using medicine as much as possible.