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Legumes are a food that is suitable for people who want to lose weight. Especially pistachios are rich in protein and dietary fiber. Eating these nuts may help you feel full and eat less food. In addition, some of the fat in pistachios cannot penetrate the cell walls of the digestive tract. This has a positive effect on health because the body receives less fat.

One study studied the properties of pistachios in helping with weight loss. By giving 31 obese patients a diet. That was calculated to be Provides 500 calories less energy than your resting metabolic rate each day. Along with eating 53 grams of salt-roasted pistachios per day for 12 consecutive weeks. The results showed that the patient’s body weight decreased. They also had a significantly reduced BMI and triglyceride levels in the arteries UFABET 

This is consistent with another study that studied the properties of pistachios in this area. By dividing 60 patients with abdominal obesity into 2 groups: a group that ate pistachios along with eating main foods and exercising. With the group that ate main foods and exercised only In the 24-week trial. The first group of patients, on average, saw a significant lose weight and waist circumference.

In addition, when comparing the amount of calories the body receives after eating raw pistachios and processed pistachios. It was found that those who ate Unshelled pistachios Calories may be reduced by up to 40 percent. Therefore, consumers should choose to eat pistachios. That It has not been processed or prepared in any way for health benefits.