If you have kidney disease, what should you not eat? What should you eat?

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Kidney disease is a disease that many Thai people are experiencing. It is a disease caused by eating food that is not hygienic. and not nutritionally correct Eating an unbalanced diet Eat too much of something Accumulated over a long period of time In the end, it may be kidney disease.

But besides salty food There are many other things that people with kidney disease can do. or who are undergoing dialysis should be careful.  โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Phosphorus is dangerous for kidney disease patients.

In addition to sodium, which is an important cause of kidney disease. and high blood pressure There is another phosphorus that can make kidney disease symptoms worse. Because when our kidneys are deteriorating It will have the ability to filter out less phosphorus nutrients. Therefore, it means How much phosphorus do you eat? It accumulates in the body and never goes anywhere. In fact, people with normal kidney function The kidneys filter out nutrients that are superfluous to the body’s needs. But now the phosphorus refuses to go out at all. Therefore, it can cause harm to the body.

How does phosphorus harm kidney disease patients?

Kidney disease patients who have been informed by their doctor that Are in a state of high phosphorus in the blood It’s easy to notice symptoms. That is, you will feel your skin become darker and itchy all over your body until you feel annoyed. Or if it’s been heavy for a long time, it may lead to bones becoming brittle. or easily broken

In addition, there may be symptoms of enlarged parathyroid glands and, worse, may cause blockage of blood vessels used in hemodialysis. For people who are undergoing dialysis

Is it a good idea to abstain from phosphorus altogether?

Phosphorus is not a nutrient that is only harmful because, in fact, phosphorus also helps reduce the risk of heart disease. and various vascular diseases as well, but for kidney disease patients should “limit” the intake of foods containing phosphorus In order not to have too much phosphorus accumulate in the body.

Food for kidney disease patients should be avoided (Apart from spicy food You should also avoid foods that are high in phosphorus .)

  • yolk
  • lean meat
  • Nuts, including grains such as black sesame and white sesame.
  • Cow’s milk products such as cheese, yogurt, and ice cream made from milk.
  • brown rice
  • noodle
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Various bakery desserts
  • Dark colored vegetables such as kale, broccoli, carrots, spinach, basil, basil, cassia, acacia, pumpkin, tomatoes.
  • Drinks containing caffeine such as coffee, green tea with milk, soft drinks, cocoa/chocolate
  • Thai desserts made from egg yolk such as Thong Yip, Thong Yot, Foi Thong.
  • Custard, Khanom Mor Kaeng, Custard