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5 tips on how to effectively reduce “belly fat”

A narrow waist is not for wearing crop tops. Or show off your abdominal muscles for beauty only. But a waist circumference that exceeds the standard size also indicates an increased risk of many diseases, including obesity, heart disease, or high blood cholesterol. Therefore, reducing belly fat is

Romeu returns home to Barcelona

Oriol Romeu has complete a deal to become a new Barcelona player and return to the old club after 12 years. He was a youngster at Barca before leaving for Chelsea in 2011. follow by moves to Valencia, Stuttgart, Southampton and Giro. Born in Catalonia.

Midfielders that could Liverpool choice in the summer.

Midfielders that could Liverpool choice in the summer. Liverpool Merseyside have revealed that Liverpool considering a new midfield option, with eight players they interest in in the summer. The Reds’ performance has clearly fallen this season. In part, it comes from the midfield panel. That meets in