Trend Forecasting and Fashion

Is it a coincidence, for instance, that a massive couple of brands — from the mostly logo-less Sonia Rykiel and Lanvin into Fendi, Prada, Burberry, and Gucci — went overboard with the branding this year? Certainly not.

There is a reason, in the end, that we always see brands turning out similarly colored clothes or similarly cut silhouettes or perhaps like-themed collections (Philipp Plein, Kith, and Gucci used Disney vision in their Spring/Summer 2018 collections; and Thom Browne included Jodi Benson’s “Part of Your World,” in The Little Mermaid soundtrack in his series), and that is largely as a result of trend forecasting and the substantial role it plays over the fashion industry.

The trend forecasting cycle a part of a creative practice yet, ironically, its own procedure is self-fulfilling and causes a uniformity of tendencies.

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